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25th European Conference on Science and Theology

Place: Assisi
Date: 30/04/2014
PUA Together with the Pontifical Council of Culture and the University of Perugia, Antonianum University sponsorizes the XVth European Conference on Science and Theology, the biannual Meeting of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT)
The Conference takes place in Assisi, from evening April 30 to morning May 4, 2014; its main topic is: Do Emotions Shape the World? Perspectives from Science and Theology. Some questions arise concerning this topic that need to be asked today:
  • What is emotion?
  • What have we learnt about the biochemistry and psychophysiology of emotions and what do we know about the evolutionary record of emotions?
  • How has our understanding of emotions changed over time?
  • What is the role of emotions in religious experience?
  • What is the role of emotion in scientific research?
  • How should we describe emotions, rationality, subjectivity and objectivity in light of the best knowledge in science and theology?
  • In the wake of “Descartes Error” (Antonio Damasio), how do we re-conceptualize the understanding, pursuit and communication of science?
  • If “religions provide a cultural integrity, a spiritual depth and moral force which secular approaches lack” (Mary Evelyn Tucker), how does theology – as the critical and self-critical reflection on the content and effects of religious traditions – feed this cultural, spiritual and moral capital into the economy of global challenges?
  • How does advanced understanding of emotions contribute to the dialogue between science and theology?
These are just some of the questions that may be explored in papers, discussions and plenary lectures during this Conference at Assisi.
For more information contact: Lluis Oviedo,
or visit Conference official webpage at:
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