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Foto Uribe Fernando , La Natura nei Sermones di S. Antonio, in Antonianum, 75/3 (2000) p. 461-480 .

Summary: Given the frequent mention of creatures in the sermons of St. Anthony of Padua, and the manner in which they are treated therein, the theme of nature in the homelitic works of the illustrious Portuguese preacher has evoked growing interest in the last few decades. This article presents, in the first place, an overview of the different studies that have been made on the theme. Next, it focuses its attention on the theme of “Nature in the Sermons” and presents a comprehensive view of the same. The article also analyses the sources and the hermeneutical method used by St. Anthony. Having dealt with the symbolism given by the author to the different creatures, the article finally attempts to make a general evaluation of the “antonian” hermeneutics, especially its franciscan character.

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