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Foto Herrero Salvador Villota , El «Conoscimento activo» del Padre. Mc 13,32 en el contexto del discurso escatológico marcano., in Antonianum, 86/3 (2011) p. 419-434 .

Summary: In the “logion of ignorance,” handed on in Mk 13,32, Jesus affirms that the Father alone knows “the day or the hour” of the coming of the Son of Man in glory. This article analyses this statement, specifically the expression «περι… οιδα» in order to show that – in itself and in the context of the Markan eschatological discourse (13, 1-37) – this knowledge on the part of the Father of the last “day or hour” is not a passive knowledge, unrelated to the becoming of creation and of history, as it might at first sight appear to be, but a creatively and actively deployed knowledge of the whole of created reality, with the purpose of leading everything to the fullness that He desires, and which will come about definitively at the moment that, on the basis of this knowledge, He shall determine (Mk 13, 24-27).

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