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Foto Kaswalder Pietro , Il santuario “alla porta della città”, in Antonianum, 86/3 (2011) p. 435-450 .

Summary: The Author presents some recent findings of the archaeological excavations at Tel Dan, Bethsaida Julia, Hazor, Eyn Hatzeva, Horvat ‘Uza, Ashkelon and Lakhish, that can have an impact on the understanding of the ancient Israelite religion. The small structures found at those sites are expressions of the cultic activity performed “at the gates of the city”. Bamot and masebot are the cultic objects always found at the gates of those biblical sites. This suggests an adjustment of the interpretation of some biblical expressions, cf. 1 Kings 20,34; 2 Kings 23:8; Jer 7:17; Ez 16: 24.25.31, regarding the “bamot of the gates” and the sanctuaries “outside the gate”.

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