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A day for Franciscan Formation in Chile

Conferences by prof. Carbajo - Santiago de Chile 10-09-2011

Place: Santiago de Cile
PUA The Franciscan Family in Chile has organized a full day for Franciscan formation (10th September 2010) which has been directed by our professor Martin Carbajo Núñez, ofm. More than one hundred persons participated actively in the conferences and in the dialogue that followed them. The three main themes studied during the six hour meeting were:
  • Saint Francis of Assisi and Global Ethics
  • The theoretical and practical contribution of Franciscan friars to the development of Economics during the XIII-XV century. An suggestive answer to the present economic crisis.  
  • Labour in the Franciscan perspective

(More information in the web page of the OFM Province in Chile)

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Italian headline: DÚpliant e annunzio web
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