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Papale Claudio , Brevi considerazioni in ordine ai delitti di cui al can. 1389 §§ 1-2, in Antonianum 83/3 (2008) p. 451-468.

Summary: This article examines the factispecies governed by canon 1389; it reviews briefly the canon law before the 1983 Code before going on to analyse the two crime... (More)

Papale Claudio, Brevi note in tema di delitto di falsa denuncia e lesione dell’altrui buona fama (can. 1390, §2) e di tutela penale del diritto all’intimità, in Antonianum 82/4 (2007) p. 757-782.

Summary: This article examines, first of all, however concisely, the two distinct ecclesiastical delicts – or, canonical crimes – established by canon. 13... (More)

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