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Foto Marchitielli Elena , Statuto ontologico dell’uomo ed eutanasia: una improponibile equazione, in Antonianum, 78/1 (2003) p. 89-112 .

Summary: The relevance which mass media accords to bioethics and to problems related to it, in particular to euthanasia, can be interpreted as a cultural factor of our time, in the sense that it is perceived as a response to a very urgent question about the real meanings of interventions which science and different techniques target that which regards human life. This contribution, without mortifying any field of research, points out the obligation of assuming as a starting point the necessary revisitation of philosophical reflection on man (the human person) and the value of human existence in all phases. For euthanasia, if one does’t want to leave human life in the power of possible legislation in its favor or to the will of one’s personal decision, dialogue between philosophy and biology is needed. Leaving out prejudices and ideological closures, it is urgent to once again understand the human being in his ontological and epistemological problematics.

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