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Foto Giordan Giuseppe , Dall’uno al molteplice: la legittimazione dei valori nell’epoca del pluralismo, in Antonianum, 78/2 (2003) p. 357-375 .

Summary: The transition from traditional society to modern and postmodern society seems to have brought with it a new way of grounding values. The legitimization of this foundation no longer derives from the certainties of institutions or laws, but from multiple possibilities of individual choice. In other words, credibility is no longer based on authority or tradition, but on the multiplicity of individual free will. It is exactly in this that constitutes the “change of values” which distinguishes the contemporary epoch: it is beginning from the subject, from his needs of auto-realization and expression, which the individual tries to construct itineraries of sense to be able to hold together both personal biography and social cohesion. The new way of perceiving time and space, the constant confrontation with the other person, often seen in a perspective as being “different”, as well as the unedited way of relating oneself with one’s own origins and the community into which he is inserted, represent the fields in which the subject is called to place himself in a creative way, in view of the construction of a credible value horizon.

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