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Foto Conti Martino , Il Concilio Apostolico e la lettera ai Galati (At 15,1-29; Gal 2,1-21), in Antonianum, 77/2 (2002) p. .

Summary: On the common assumption that Acts 15:1-29 and Gal. 2:1-21 confront the same problem: “that salvation comes through faith in Christ alone”, the present study (1) evinces the historical and doctrinal context, (2) enquires into the relationship between two events: the return of Mark to Jerusalem (Act 13:13) and the journey to Antioch of some people (Acts 15:1), and of the dissent between Paul and Barnabas because of Mark (Acts 15:37 ff.). The synoptic confrontation between Acts 15 and Gal. 2 presents the following themes: (3) circumcision and Christian freedom, (4) Law and freedom (5), the norms derived from a conciliary decree, also of a disciplinary character and consequentially subject to reform. (6) The conclusion of the text does not correspond to the facts. Furthermore, the text suggests that the necessary inculturated character of faith must not, however, be completely identified with any single culture.

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