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Foto Chomik Wacław Stanisław , Il soffrire e il morire di Francesco d'Assisi. Una risposta alla recente mentalitā eutanasica (II), in Antonianum, 77/2 (2002) p. 257-284 .

Summary: This text continues the article already published in the former issue of Antonianum. Its aim is to cope with the serious challenge launched in the moral by the books of Peter Singer«Practical Ethics» and «Rethinking Life & Death». The answer comes form an analysis of the life and the death of Francis of Assisi (1181-1226), inspired by his sufferings. It follows the same method as Singer, i.e. narrating the painful story of a person, being touched from a psychological point of view and formulating moral principles. The study shows how Francis, becoming an “Icon of crucified Christ”, offers an alternative understanding to the euthanasic menthality.

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