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Foto Cattani Richardi - Jiménez Johanne Soler, Commentarii de Ara Silvani ex Vico Vulgo S. Terenziano (Gualdo Cattaneo), in Dioecesi Tudertina, in Antonianum, 77/4 (2002) p. 741-748 .

Summary: The present paper analyses for the first time a sacred inscription from S. Terenziano (Perugia, Italy), which in the authors opinion cannot be considered funerary. Although several papers  have been published on the Silvanus cult contained in the Roman folk religion, there is no study dealing specifically and analytically with the role of this cult in the country and on the rural estates run by stewards (i.e. the vilici) during the late republican and imperial period. The authors come up with a tentative explanation concerning the epigraphic synthetic formulary, through an analysis of the manuscript tradition and the epigraphic sources which refer to the Silvanus cult both in town and in the country.

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