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Foto Andonegui Javier , Escoto en el punto de mira, in Antonianum, 76/1 (2001) p. 145-191 .

Summary: Duns Scotus is frequently cited in the writings of contemporary authors; as a rule he is the object of admiration and respect. He is furthermore held in high regard for his speculative thought and originality, but often the same experts are lacking in a sufficiently global and comprehensive interpretation of his writings. In this line of thinking Scotism is often mentioned only in regard to the debate regarding the beginnings of modern thought.  This connecting of Scotus with modernity, although placing him a good light, tends to give his thought a marginal character, this due to a mistaken notion of his thought especially by authors not sufficiently familiar with Scotistic texts, who criticize him as a deserter of true Scholastic thought. The present work tries to reinstate the concrete and actual thought of Scotus, placing it in contact with other Scholastic projects, such as those of St. Bonaventure and St. Thomas Aquinas, and orienting the reader as well to its very positive connection with contemporary philosophy.

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