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Foto Huculak Benedykt , De mature augustiniano opere Joannis Duns Scoti, in Antonianum, 76/3 (2001) p. 429-478 .

Summary: The article is an answer to the reproches moved by some English-speaking theologians against John Duns Scotus. In their opinion the contemporary secularization of the Christian culture would be caused remotely by the alleged scission between philosophy and theology, promoted by Scotus at the end of XIII century and ingrained in his teaching of the univocity of being instead of its analogy. All this would have resulted from the pretended abandon of Augustin’s traditional Christian philosophy, which on the contrary would have been cultivated by Thomas Aquinas. – The author shows that this new criticism contains many errors and offers a wrong and misleading image of John Duns Scotus, which is not in conformity with the sources and with the most serious scholarship. In their light, indeed, the Franciscan Master was the protagonist of the return of Augustinism to the universities of Europe, after the Aristotelian revolution, around 1270 operated in Paris, as well as the doctor of its renewed, riper and more profound configuration.

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