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Foto Teklak Czesław , La dottrina “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” e il suo significato per il dialogo interreligioso, in Antonianum, 76/4 (2001) p. 613-649 .

Summary: Several passages in the Bible deal with the salvation of those living outside the Church. On this base, the Patristic tradition has elaborated the axiom “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus”, which stresses the personal decision and responsibility of the individual before the Church. The geographic and archeological discoveries change the understanding on the subject and point to the salvific relationship with the Church. The catholic thought has evolved until the Council Vatican II, which copes with the problem in an original way. Stressing the unique salvific role of Christ and the institution of the Church as sacrament of salvation, the principle “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” doesn’t prevent inter-religious dialogue, but stimulates a standing and shared research of salvation. Anyway, the fundamental theology feels called to be mindful to the contexts of this dialogue, to the understanding of revelation and his transmission, in order to reinstate the idea of the Church as the only salvific mediation for everybody.

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