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Foto Pospísil Václav Citrad , La via della salvezza nell'Itinerarium mentis in Deum, in Antonianum, 72/1 (1997) p. 53-77 .

Summary: Taken into consideration that the central idea of the "Itinerarium" is the pilgrimage, the ascent of the contemplative soul "in Deum", the author maintains that the scheme of the bonaventurian work is made up of three successive movements. The ascent towards God through contemplative illumination is followed by the descent with Christ towards the profundity of the Cross, which at the end generates the definitive passage "in Deum" through ecstatic rapture. The first movement is described in the first six chapter, the seventh chapter, which makes on complete whole with the Prologue. The contemplative soul, represented symbolically by the stigmatized St. Francis, shares with Christ his paschal return to teh Father.

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