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Foto Faggioni Maurizio , AIDS. Questioni disputate in ambito coniugale, in Antonianum, 72/3 (1997) p. 447-467 .

SUMMARY: The article proposes to reflect on the debate about several delicate moral questions posed by AIDS in the marital sphere, with particular reference to the prevention of the illness, pro­creation by an HIV-positive woman, and the admission of someone who is HIV-positive to mar­riage. Although there are undeniable similarities with analogous situations well known to classical moral theology and canon law (e.g. marriage and procreation by a leper, protection of spouses wi­thin marriage from syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases), some biological peculiarities of the virus and. above all the changed emotional and cultural context, as well ad the current pro­found renewal of the paradigms of Christian matrimonial ethics, coincide to bring the old que­stions into a new light and demand solutions that are perhaps more audacious and more coherent with our understanding of sexuality and marriage.

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