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Foto Alvarez Barredo Miguel , La reforma de Josias en la optica deuteronomistica, in Antonianum, 69/4 (1994) p. 417-432 .

SUMMARY: This article revolves around 2 Kings 22-23, chapters central to the reform ofJosiah. The concrete aim is to explain the deuteronomic re-reading of the previous traditions with a view to appreciating the Deuteronomist's theological intentions. It is precisely the cultural differences whi­ch, as proof of infidelity and rebellion before God, have been constantly treated as a theme. There is an attempt to show that in these chapters, the Deuteronomist, especially in chapter 23, has concen­trated a lot on the terminology used in his redactional base, beginning systematically with Deut. Furthermore, that the Deuteronomist intends to offer a theological synthesis to conclude his literary and theological redaction in these final chapters of 2 Kings.

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