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Foto Gismondi Gualberto , Il dialogo fra teologia e sociologia: problematiche, limiti, possibilitā , in Antonianum, 67/1 (1992) p. 3-38 .

SUMMARY: Dialogue between theologians and sociologists is very important but not very easy. It is not enough to sit at the same table discussing, because both theology and sociology are a galaxy of disciplines having their own methods, theoretical premisses etc. In their dia­logue it is necessary to focus all of them and to evaluate them properly. So that theologians and sociologists, to understand one another, need to make their dialogue an open and broad «cultural approach*. A mediation by epistemology, history of scientific and philosophic thought, and history of theology and sociology is necessary. Only in this inter- and trans- di­sciplinary way a dialogue may be fruitful. The article also offers some lists of up to date and urgent topics for a theology-sociology debate.

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