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Foto VÓzquez Janeiro Isaac , Cultura y censura en el siglo XVI. A prop˛sito de la ediciˇn de ź Index des livres interdits ╗, in Antonianum, 63/1 (1988) p. 26-73 .

Summary — From the outset a review is made of the first four Volumes of the important collection Index des livres interdits, currently published by the University of Sherbrooke (nn. 1-2). Taking as point of departure this col­lection, two themes are subsequently illustrated.

In the first place, the Commentarii in Joannem of Johannes Ferus (Wild), condemned by the Index of Paris of 1551: under the bibliographical aspect, new additions and new copies are added, whereas the presumed edition of Alcala 1562 (n. 3) is discarded; under the doctrinal aspect, a description is given of the confutation and the defence which were accorded to the Commentarii on the part of D. Soto and on the part of M. Medina respectively (nn. 4-5), whose opposed theological views are extensively documented; due importance is given to the rather strange approximation to Medina's position on the part of the renowned Dominican B. Carranza, otherwise a friend of Soto (nn. 6-7).

In the second place, then, a new manuscript is brought into light of the Spanish Index of 1559, taken, perhaps, from a yet unknown edition of the same Index (n. 8).

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