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Foto Horta Espinoza Jorge , Diritto all’intimità. Fondamenti storici e proiezione del can. 220 CIC e can. 23 CCEO, in Antonianum, 82/4 (2007) p. .

Summary: The right to one’s “interiority,” as it were, which has achieved growing recognition in secular law systems, defined as “privacy”, has received explicit recognition also in the ambit of the canon law. It had made its way into the text of the 1983 Codex Iuris Caonici just in time to be promulgated with it. This article sheds light on the process by which canon 220 of this Code had been worked out until reaching the definitive introduction of the right to intimitas in 1982. Thereafter the applicability of this universa right in civil society is illustrated, togehter with its development in the society of the Church, following with discussion of certain current ways of implementation in the present.

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