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Foto Carbajo N˙˝ez MartÝn , Intimidad y comunicaciˇn. Bases filosˇfico-teolˇgicas para un encuentro en autenticidad, in Antonianum, 82/4 (2007) p. 637-675 .

Summary: This article offers some philosophical and theological bases for a new equilibrium between privacy and communication. In our liberal society, the predominant conception of privacy is based on the assumption that humans are isolated individuals, each pursuing his own self-interest, and so privacy is in permanent conflict with the right to information. Considering that everything is for sale, commercial media are boldly promoting an increasing exhibitionism and voyeurism, while virtual communication can also lead to new kinds of social isolation. In contrast with that individualism, Catholic theology sees the human person as “imago Dei” and so naturally inclined to altruistic self-giving, even though in fact always in need of divine grace. Therefore, society does not have to be built on mutual suspicion, and the right to privacy is not at odds with the right to information. Defending privacy is the best way of promoting authentic and respectful communication.

Martín Carbajo Núñez - via Merulana, 124 - 00185 Roma - Italia
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