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Foto ALBRILE EZIO , Il colore dei Magi, in Antonianum, 81/2 (2006) p. 323-338 .

Summary: The article speaks of the “cosmogonic Egg” and the “chromatic dualism” related to the ancient Iranian religion. According to this traditions, there are two principles represented as an endless clash of two mountains of different colors. This explain the contrastive power of the two levels of existence, the menog «mental, heavenly» and the getig «terrestrial, corporeal», a sort of initiatory death that leads to a rebirth from the inner space into a space of Light. Because the dualistic symbolism of colors is based upon the antithesis between the totality of colors (white) and the absence of color (black), the final stage of the primordial fight is a paradoxical return into a dark, embryological void.

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