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Foto Kopiec Maksym Adam , il concetto cristiano della rivelazione nel contesto del pluralismo religioso, in Antonianum, 85/3 (2010) p. 377-398 .

Summary: The contemporary debate on religious pluralism must motivate Christian to maintain an essential unity in their attitude towards others (ad extra), and to hold on to their two guiding principles in this matter: Proclamation and Dialogue. Thus too, the experience of this debate stimulates also theological discourse (ad intra) to take up again the fundamental issue of Revelation, to apprehend more fully its connotation, and to highlight its essential and unrenounceable dimensions. In effect, an adequate understanding of Christian Revelation will become, not an impediment to, or an impoverishment of, the proper approach to the religions of humankind, but to the contrary, an apt hermeneutical key to understanding their own meaning and value.

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