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Foto Hoffmann Tobias , La teoria antinaturalistica della libertÓ in Giovanni Duns Scoto, in Antonianum, 87/1 (2012) p. 25-39 .

Abstract: This article studies Duns Scotus’s account of freedom in its metaphysical, psychological, and moral dimensions. The metaphysical characteristic of freedom is that it springs from the indeterminate will rather than from a “natural power,” which for Scotus is a power that acts deterministically. The psychological basis of freedom consists in the fact that the act of will is not caused by the desired object, but primarily by the will itself. The moral dimension of freedom lies in the fact that the will is free to act for motives other than the individual’s own happiness. In all three dimensions, freedom transcends nature; hence Scotus’s account of freedom can be called anti-naturalistic.

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