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Foto Sānchez Navarro Luis , Il grande testimone. La testimonianza del Padre a Gesų nel vangelo secondo Giovanni, in Antonianum, 88/2 (2013) p. 315-331 .

Summary: In the Fourth Gospel there are different testimonies that converge in Jesus; in these the Father manifests Himself. He who for love of the world has sent his Son (3,6) actuates this His great love through multiple testimony (His works, the Scriptures, the Spirit, the disciples, other persona­ges) that aims to fasten all eyes on Jesus, and that is articulated literarily, as it were, around the two great witness protagonists of the narrative (John and the beloved disciple). Through these various testimonies, then, hut also by His own voice (12,28), the Father affirms that the definitive salvation has been revealed in Jesus Messiah and Son of God, for all those who, accepting these testimonies, will believe in Him (cf 20,31).

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