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Foto Costacurta Claudia , Il manoscritto Reginense Latino 692 della Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. Un manuale di storia?, in Antonianum, 78/1 (2003) p. 113-142 .

Summary: The Vaticano Reginense Latino 692 manuscript presents intrinsic and inherent characteristics which seem to attest to a precise intention in their construction. This 12th century compilation, coming from the north of France and the monastic tradition, gathers texts from Godfrey of Monmouth, Bede, Eginardo, the Astronomer, Ademero of Chabannes and an anonymous Vita Theodorici. From a closer study of the codex, which outlines a precise historical and literary panoramic, emerges the impression that in the end it could be considered a sort of manual of history, perhaps incomplete, which came from the idea of systematically copying the history of Christianity in diverse nations, with extracts from various works.

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