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Foto Oppes Stefano , Formazione e studio nella nuova Ratio Studiorum dell’Ordine dei Frati Minori, in Antonianum, 77/1 (2002) p. 3-31 .

Summary: Last year the OFM General Secretariat for Formation and Studies published a short text (148 pages) entitled: Ratio Studíorum. The text is presented and divided as follows: 1. Intellectual Formation of the Friar Minor. 2. The Areas of Study. 3. Specific Studies. 4. The Agents. 5. Structures and Means at the Service of Studies; and, 6. Program of Franciscan Studies. A proper and full understanding of this document requires that it be contextualized (i.e., the Order’s past and longstanding battles over studies ... and the present disaffection of many young friars for intellectual work). Present day challenges -  from both the media and the Areopagus - certainly justify the Ratio’s insistence that: “The Friar Minor appreciates study as an itinerary and way to be enlightened by God in mind and heart and thus be able to be witnesses, announcers and servants of Truth and Good with great humility”..(Ratio: 1.13)

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