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Foto Chomick Wacław Stanisław , Il soffrire e il morire di Francesco d’Assisi , in Antonianum, 77/1 (2002) p. 67-92 .

Summary: The reception given to Peter Singer's work on and foster­ing a new ethic and euthanasia continues to be both growing and positive. The Australian philosopher ‑­- presently at Princeton University ‑‑ has examined the situations of several persons T. Hyde 42 years old, J. Adkins, 54 and L. Boyes, 70 – who on account of extra­ordinary suffering and pain opted for euthanasia and death with dignity. Result? Singer favours their choice and calls for a re‑examination of the up‑to‑now traditional principles about the sacredness of life. This article, based on Francis of Assisi’s approach to suffering and closely following Singer's method, presents another view and option. The author's – and indeed the Franciscan ‑­position (as culled from the Franciscan Sources) offers a response far different from that favoured by Singer.

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