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Foto Pospisil Ctirad V. , La dimensione universale dell’opera salvifica di Gesú Cristo e gli ipotetici extraterresti: un esperimento mentale in Cristologia, in Antonianum, 77/1 (2002) p. 152-162 .

Summary: This article’s basic thrust concerns the connection between the universality, in creation, of the mediation of the Eternal Word and the salvific efficacy of the Incarnate Word. By means of a close study of New Testament texts together with those of the Magisterium, careful attention to rules from Christology, Soteriology and Patristics, and a consideration of the mediation of both descendent Soteriology and (especially) the  ascendent Soteriology of the Incarnate Word it is evident that Jesus Christ alone is the direct Saviour of both humanity and the universe. The hypothetical possibility – considered by most as quite improbable – of an extension of Christ’s salvific work to and for extra‑terrestrial worlds, would – of course – carry a duty of evangelization. However, the author's attention is focused elsewhere and his con­clusions are quite different from those of other  scholars. Basically, Pospisil holds that –even were that hypothesis to be true – the New Testament's message about the un­conditioned love and kenosis of Jesus Christ – Son of God and Only Saviour of the inhabitants of the blue planet – would in no way be threatened.

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