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Foto G÷ssmann Elisabeth , Die Unterschiede in Anthropologie und Mariologie Zwischen Thomas von Aquin und den Franziskanern, in Antonianum, 77/1 (2002) p. 163-170 .

Summary: In Greek classical thought, two diverse concepts of female fertility (Aristotelian: woman is inferior to man. Gallenean: with a more egalitarian view based on the "two seeds" theory) gave birth to two different anthro­pologies. Thomas Aquinas favoured the Aristotelian position. Franciscans, especially Duns Scotus, favoured the Gallen­ean view. For the Franciscans, the Gallenean theory was very helpful in presenting and defending the Immaculate Conception. More, it gave the friars important insights towards the development of a very positive female anthropology.

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