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Foto Sileo Leonardo , I ‘Soggetti’ della Teologia e il ‘Soggetto’ della Metafisica. , in Antonianum, 76/2 (2001) p. 207-224 .

Summary: The doctrinal developments between the 13th and 14th centuries concerning the ‘subject’ of theology, offer interesting contributions in order to understand the relationship between philosophy and theology. First, until the seventies, in the 13th century, the theologians use the current philosophy – the greek-arab aristotelism –  as a basis for the elaboration of their own theology, resulting in a plurality of theologies. Thomas Aquinas even individuates a ‘subject’ for the theology symmetric to that of the philosophy before Aristotle. Second, Scotus elaborates a theory on the plurality of theologies and their ‘subjects’, in correspondence with the crisis of the Aristotelian epistemology. In this way he reaches three important goals: 1. To elaborate an epistemology adapted to the nature and end of theology; 2. Shows that the theology needs metaphysics, because this provides the conceptual tool (l’ens infinitum) which helps to objectivate contingent and no-contingent truths; 3. It is to do a ‘revolution’ of the current medieval metaphysic building it over mere ontological basis.  

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