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Foto Buscemi Marcello , Dio Padre in S. Paolo, in Antonianum, 76/2 (2001) p. 247/269 .

Summary: The present study intends to fill a gap found in the field of Pauline studies. Indeed, despite the amount of scholarly research on Paul’s letters, there is a lack of study dealing properly with the Pauline Theology, or Paul’s understanding of the God of Jesus Christ. This article tries to show the meaning and consequences of the principal title, “Father”, attributed to God in the corpus paulinus. To this effect, it first examines the use of the term path,r in the Paul’s Epistles; second, this term is reviewed in a relative fashion: in relationship to Creation, to our Lord Jesus Christ and to believers; finally, the attention focuses on the salvific deeds of the Father for all humanity.

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