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Foto Oppes Stephane , La parola quale actus absolutus et respectivus predicata sempre nozionalmente in Dio , in Antonianum, 76/4 (2001) p. 687-728 .

Summary: Bonaventure, in his Comment to the First Book of the Sentences, seems to be the first to maintain that the term “verbum” predicated to God, in the intratrinitarian life, applies exclusively to the Son, as in the case of “dicere”, which indicates generating, “giving birth”. The hermeneutic of this bonaventurian theological questio takes into account the literary genre of the text and the former solutions given by Bonaventure’s teachers (Alexander d’Hales and Odo Rigaldi) and his contemporaries (Thomas Aquinas and Albert the Great). The new theological thesis is solidly founded on a phenomenology, which the Seraphic Doctor ptoposes of human speaking, a philosophy intimately linked to the Platonic, Neoplatonic and Augustinian tradition on the issue of “interior discourse”. Even the word said in the silence of the interiority says relationship: the word is allways an absolute act (of ‘mens’ in itself) and, at the same time a relative act (of the relationship of the ‘mens’). Bonaventure stresses the twofold dimension of the word: absoluteness (poetry) and semantics (science). In terms more familiar to us, we would say the performativity and the metaphori-city of the word. Any philosophy that excludes one of this aspects of speech, would be partial.

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