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Foto Chrupcala Leslāw D. , Il tema del regno di Dio nell'opera lucana, in Antonianum, 69/1 (1994) p. 3-34 .

SUMMARY: Notwithstanding the accusations directed against Luke, one cannot defend the opinion according to which the third evangelist would have lost sight of the eschatological character of the kingdom of God, because of the waning in the expectation of the parousia. The unified reading of Luke-Acts demonstrates that the so-called accomplished eschatology does not befit the third evangelist. In line with the expected eschatology of the New Testa­ment and faithful to the common evangelical tradition, Luke sees in the kingdom of God a saving event which starts definitely in Jesus of Nazareth, but must still attain the final stage of accomplishment, according to God's design. The future kingdom and the present kingdom do not exclude each other, but at the same time they express the presence of the saving work of God, already fulfilled in Jesus, and the necessity of a further expansion of the saving event of the kingdom, from now on inseparably associated with the person of Jesus Christ.

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