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Foto Merino José Antonio , Nietzsche y el superhombre imposible, in Antonianum, 63/2-3 (1988) p. 292-316 .

Summary — The anthropological theme is fundamental in the philosophical tought of Nietzsche. Man is a reality that needs transcending and transforming itself. The paradigm of man is the superman who incarnates in the project of an existence chained to the world and recuperates himself through the medium of the body. The superman, assuming a will to dominate, is fully prepared to live the truth hidden within the eternal return. The doctrine of the superman cannot be compared with the transformistic doctrine of Lamarck and neither with the evolutionistic theory of Darwin. The superman of Nietzsche is a mythical, dionysiac and heroic figure. The superman is the incarnation of the hero, who acquired great importance in Greek mythology and also in romanticism and hegelianism, which present him in a superhuman condition- The superman is unchained subjectivity, which orientates itself towards the earth and avails itself of all the means at its disposal to impose new values from a heroic attitude. He is the utopic ideal which no one has yet incarnated.   The occurrence of the superman in our times.

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