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Foto , Libri nostri: Kenan B. Osborne, OFM, Sacramentai theology: a general introduction, in Antonianum, 63/2-3 (1988) p. 428 .

This volume is intended to serve as a text hook on sacramentai theology. It begins with a general overview on current Roman Catholic sacramentai theology, indicating the major emphases which have occurred in contemporary times, especially the emphases which have been high-lighted by the documents of Vatican II. Following this, these are chap-ters on the naming and function of sacrament, sacramentai methodolgy, and the causality of the sacraments. Of major importance today are the sections on Jesus's humanity as the primordial sacrament and the Church as a fundamental sacrament. The author then presents a state­ment on the defined positions on sacraments. The book concludes with a   chapter  on   sacraments   and   Christian   spirituality.

There is a strong effort throughout the volume to do two things: (a) to underscore the subtle changes in sacramentai theology which stem from presenting Jesus and the Church as the fundamental sacraments of the Christian community. This rather new approach, endorsed by the documents of Vatican II, requires a rethinking of sacramentai theology today. (b) An effort is made to explore the ecumenical aspects of cur­rent sacramentai thought, particulaiiy as this affects Orthodox, Anglican, and   Protestant  positions.

The book is meant to assist seminarians, students of theology, cate-chists as they consider the sacramentai life of the Church. It is written by a teacher for those who are presently or who will soon be in the teaching ministry of the Church.

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