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Foto Vespa Mauro , Linee per una ricostruzione delle fasi del confronto di Heidegger con Hegel, in Antonianum, 78/4 (2003) p. 651-677 .

Summary: The article reconstructs, from a historical point of view, the stages of Heidegge’s engagement with Hegel’s thought. Since the first Freiburg Seminars (1918- 1923) until the later writings of the 50.s and 60.s, the Hegelian question constitutes a fundamental moment in Heidegger’s itinerary. It reflects in various forms the developments of the question on .being.; so, the speculative dialectic is interpreted by Heidegger from time to time in the light of the problem of religion, of fundamental ontology, of hermeneutics, of phenomenology, of metaphysics as the history of being, until it becomes, in the final stage of Heidegger’s production, the supreme form of the modern technique.

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